This is an guide to help anybody
who needs to know if there house or business is truly haunted, remember there
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What to watch for - and what to do about it.

 You hear heavy footsteps down the hallway when you know no one is home. Doors slam unaccountably. Commonly used items disappear and reappear without cause. The lights turn on by themselves. There's the unmistakable scent of a strange perfume or cologne in the air or room.The Signs of a Haunting The first step is to determine, as best you can, whether or not you truly have a legitimate case of a haunting.Not all haunting's are alike, and they may exhibit a variety of phenomena. Some hauntings feature a single phenomenon - such as a particular door slamming shut that occurs repeatedly - while others consist of many different phenomena,ranging from odd noises to full-blown apparitions, smells, footsteps etc.Here's a partial list of phenomena that might indicate that your house is haunted:

1: Does your home have cold spots...areas where there is no evidence of a draft, but you can feel one anyway? Oftentimes, spiritual activity is accompanied by cold wisps of air and chilling puffs against your skin. They can be a barely-noticeable occurrence, or very strong. Goosebumps can result. Pay attention, these can be very tell-tale.

2: If you hear ghostly footsteps, wait until the phenomenon has stopped (or until daylight, if you're more comfortable) and try to duplicate the sound by walking wherever the footsteps came from. Was it really footsteps, or the house settling or shifting as the temperature dropped at dusk?

3: Do your dogs or cats tend to avoid or obsess about a particular location in your home? Animals are extremely sensitive to paranormal occurrences. They will often stare at a particular spot for no specific reason, growl at thin air,
flee from nothing and bark at something you can't see. Take notice and a log of when and where these things happen and see what time of day or night they happen.

4: Do you find that friends or family mention feeling a particular way in your home or specific location such as a bedroom or basement? Pay attention to what visitors say.

5: Common scents that are not usual to your surroundings can indicate some spirit activity. The sense of smell is extremely strong in relation to memory for human beings. We can smell a particular aroma and be taken instantly back
to a strong memory we've stored that is connected to that smell. Perfumes, flower scents, earthy scents, smoke, cigar smoke etc are some of the scents detected in relation to unexplained activity.

6: If you have children, do they seem to have developed a imaginary friend or see or hear things. I urge you to listen children can be more sensitive. Spirits are especially attracted to children as there souls are pure and are very easily manipulated.