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Ghost Hunt at the Museum Of Shadows with the building owners also professional ghost hunters, Seen on TV. Nate & Kaleigh of TRIP PARANORMAL $25.00 Per Person. The building was built in 1890. This old historic building is two levels full of haunted history to haunted artifacts. This very building in 1902 was a Blackbird Store, that sold top of the line hats, suits, and more. In 1914 when the Blackbird Store was sold to Harry Green (Son of Jim Green local pharmaceutical/drug store owner). Harry Green sold items such as paint and wallpaper he even did embalming, believed to be in this very building (basement) We have captured some amazing evidence that links back to Harry Green and the Blackbird Store. We have even interacted with the souls who are attached to the very items in the museum. You may feel a soft touch on your arm or shoulder to smelling a very strong perfume (flowery smell) to even seeing an item move across the floor. Ghost hunting equipment malfunctions to battery drains. We have captured video footage of the overhead lights turning on by themselves to items being rolled across the floor. We have even heard disembodied voices of a little girl who is 8 years old to an older gentleman. Full figure apparitions are seen through out the museum. Our museum is full of paranormal activity and we invite you to come experience it for yourself.... Only 12 tickets will be sold per event! Cost $25.00 Per Person.Be sure to book your tickets ASAP they will go fast.

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