There's a lot of people out
there that have a genuine interest in going on a ghost hunt. Some may enjoy paranormal beings, want to see or hear a ghost, or want to prove that their skepticism. Whatever the reason, there's a protocol to follow and below is a list of guidelines that you should follow, even if you do not believe in ghost's.
1. First and foremost, you want to get permission to search/ be on the premises. Verbal permission is OK​2. Always carry identification. This is mainly common sense, but it's mainly for the reasons that if you're on a ghost hunt and are encountered by a local law official, they can verify with the site owners that you have permission to be on the site. Refer to the above written agreement with the owner.

3. Never go on a ghost hunt alone. Things could get dangerous, not just in a spiritual sense, but if you're investigating an old home, it could be a physical hazard. In this case, it's always good to have a cell phone with you. Remember also, the living comes first. Never put yourself or anyone else in danger. Never risk anyone's life just to ghost hunt! If you need to call it off
due to unsafe conditions or weather related that is OK! Better to live and ghost hunt another day rather than becoming the one/reason for haunting a location.

4. Make sure that your equipment is always clean. This procedure will rule out some of the possibilities of a "false positive" and ruining your credentials when reporting the activities to the property owners.

5. Promote positive energy and always be respectful of the deceased. Spirits/ghosts are more likely to manifest themselves if you don't pose a threat to their nature. Keep it professional treat them as if they are still alive and standing in front of you. Treat them with respect and you will see and hear the answers you are looking for on an investigation.

6. Interview witnesses and try to get the full story. Be objective, try to find a natural cause to the events. Try to debunk the situation in a professional and respectful manner. Remember these folks want to know why their home has activity or strange happenings and are generally concerned about it, especially if they have children.

7. Always use fresh audio and video. This ensures a fresh and quality recording and keeps things from cross contamination.

8. Every person on the hunt should keep a log of everything they do, say,and hear. If "Kaleigh" sneezes, Coughs, anything she needs to write it down or document it on audio. That way, when going over audio or video we know it was her and nothing unexplained.