Nate Raterman: Founded 'TRIP PARANORMAL' in 2006 after having my first encounter with the paranormal. I knew there was more I could do to help others who are experiencing the same encounters I had. Not only did I have my first encounter in 2006, but years later, I purchased a home located in western Nebraska and found that this location was a paranormal hot spot. A few months after moving in, I began to see a strange, shadowy, mist like figure, along with other strange activity! (Doors opening and closing on their own, Footsteps, Disembodied voices, Appliances and power tools would turn on by themselves, and even a full figure apparition of a man in his mid 70';s was seen). I did about 8 months worth of research on my home and attached land and found out many things. The past owner did pass away in the home, a man in his mid 70s. Upon doing research, the local city was keeping the deed and records to my home private. There was a gap in the past owners history as well as many gaps in the police records. When speaking to the city I was told to leave it alone. It is safe to say what ever happened in that home, the local city was trying to keep it quiet. Years later, I moved to Omaha, Nebraska, where I currently live with my beautiful wife Kaleigh, and continue to search for the unknown.

  I have been interested in the paranormal and the “other side” since I was a little girl. I have been sensitive to spirits and animal spirit connections from the time I was around 6 years old from what I can remember, although I believe I have had a “connection” since I was an infant. I started to realize I was different from other people when I was 10 years old. I was having dreams about future events that would occur. Fast forward to my adulthood. The dreams and spirit connections have not only continued, but have increased and grown stronger. My three children have also received these gifts to various degrees. When I found out about Trip Paranormal, I jumped at the chance to not only help detect "activity", but to share the findings with others who are interested in evidence of other dimensions. In 2013, I was lucky to find not only my best friend, but my soul mate. Together, we are passionate about investigating and providing proof that souls from other dimensions do, in fact exist. The question is, "Do YOU believe?!"?

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*Documentary Film - A Hanging (Based on a true story)

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Kaleigh Raterman


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*Numerous News & Radio stations around the world

*Documentary Film - A Hanging (Based on a true story)