We are a team of investigators based in Omaha Nebraska. We are here to help those who may be experiencing paranormal activity. We always keep an open mind, Our main goal is to help the home owner or business owner and uncover the truth whether it is paranormal or something that can be disproved. Our investigations are thorough and conducted in a professional manner with top of the line equipment and we always have the utmost respect for the home owner or business owner. Our team members are trained professionals with many years of experience! We respect your privacy and all investigations are conducted in a discreet manner unless you allow us to make it public with your consent.

Are you experiencing a haunting phenomena in your home or place of business?

How do I know I have a Ghost?

Here is a guide to help anybody who needs to know if there house or business is truly haunted, remember there is help available if you need it.


What to watch for - and what to do about it.
Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is the appearance of intelligible voices on a recording medium that has no known physical explanation. Many of the voices are thought to originate from deceased people. This is the primary reason that everyone began experimenting with EVP and audio devices.
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Some of our friends, joined us on The Unexplained Radio show! Click here to listen!
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Phone: (402) 469-1408
Course Lessons

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Study of the Paranormal
In this lesson we will go over this growing field, how paranormal activities are detected,

Lesson 2: A Haunting: A Typical Haunting
In this lesson, we'll cover what a haunting is, as well as the various types/Stages of hauntings.

Lesson 3: Investigating Equipment
This lesson will focus on the primary equipment: K2, Digital Voice Recorders and Software to analyze the recordings. Mel-Meters, Laser Grids and much more!

This Photo is from our latest investigation! Episode coming soon!